One day private wine tours to Rioja

From San Sebasti√°n, Bilbao or Rioja itself, we offer you three private tours to visit the best wineries in La Rioja and Rioja Alavesa. Wine, gastronomy, culture and beautiful landscapes await you in these fantastic tours.


Traditional Rioja private wine tour

Experience the essence of this world-renowned winemaking region with a tour designed to showcase classic Rioja and make you fall in love with the land and its wine. The itinerary we have designed will take you on a romantic journey across Rioja and its vineyards so you can feel its history and tradition and taste some of the best wine in Spain.

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Wine & Architecture private tour

Rioja is a land of tradition and innovation. This blend is at the core of the success of the winemakers and cellars form this region. Expertise and craftsmanship are elevated by new methods and design. Nothing illustrates this dance between modernity and heritage like the architectural gems that that house some of the top cellars across the region. Experience this blend of innovation and tradition that makes Rioja so special

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Private Rioja terroir tour

Soil, climate, geography, tradition... All of these factors help build to the flavor and character of great wine. The Rioja region and grapes have a distinctive flavor and body that makes them stand out as one of the best wines in the world. But Rioja itself has distinct regions with their own particular terroir, or as it's known in Spain, "terruño". Experience all the variety Rioja has to offer and what makes our wines so special.

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From other cities

Wine tours in Rioja starting in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao or San Sebastian. Enjoy the riojan wine country from some of of Spain´s main cities

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The Rioja wine country is our passion

If you want to visit the tourist attractions of La Rioja and Rioja Alavesa, you can do it booking our private tours to Rioja.

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